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Setting New Standards of Safety

May 2018 by Cheryl Stetter

Carbon Monoxide Prevention System and coCO

In recent years, carbon monoxide exposure from cars has made headlines.  The development of key-less ignitions has led to more deaths by CO poisoning due to cars left running in closed garages.

Last summer, we heard several disconcerting stories of police officers in Ford Explorers experiencing carbon monoxide poisoning.  One company is working to change car safety and is opening our eyes to the technology and innovation that is possible today.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Cars

In the 1970’s the catalytic converter was introduced to cars to lessen the toxicity of emissions from the tailpipes of cars on the road.  In part this was to tackle high levels of air pollution, and to promote safer roadways.


While deaths from carbon monoxide (CO) in cars decreased significantly, accidental death and injury due to CO buildup in cars is still sadly taking lives.


Blue Guard technologies is working to change this

Like many in the community who are raising awareness to the dangers of carbon monoxide, this company was born after the mother of a close friend was killed due to a car left running in a closed garage.[1]  The CEO Ken Karlin like other fighters of carbon monoxide found that no one was trying to solve this problem.

coCO: Carbon Monoxide Car Off

The Technology co-founders Ken Karlin and Ted Economy have developed will shut off an engine when carbon monoxide levels exceed a threshold.  The components of a CO Sensor, a fuel pump inhibit relay, and Bluetooth connectivity seem simple; however, these components when utilized together solve a major problem that no one has yet solved!

Not only will the car engine be shut off, their technology has the potential to integrate with a smartphone, open garage doors, alert emergency contacts, and can be used in vehicle theft prevention.

Furthermore, the technology can be applied to any form of fuel fed combustion devices, not just car engines.  Portable generators and home furnaces can also be fitted with the CO Poison Prevention System so that the device is shut down when high CO levels are detected.

The Patent

Reading the patent application for the CO Poison Prevention System, one wonders why this technology does not yet exist.  The patent application provides technological descriptions for use within a car, generator, and home furnace, and how their technology can interface through a smart phone to provide alerts.

The CO Poison Prevention System starts with a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled CO Sensor.  In the car, the CO sensor communicates with a base unit and a fuel pump inhibit relay.  When elevated levels of CO are present, the fuel pump inhibit relay is opened cutting off fuel to the car and, therefore depriving the engine of fuel and shutting it off.

The system for the generator is similar where the fuel line inhibit valve is opened to shut off the generator.  The CO Poison Prevention System can be used in both gas or oil burning furnaces.  A connection between a wifi enabled CO sensor and a Wi-Fi enabled smart switch will open the furnace emergency shutoff circuit, preventing further production of carbon monoxide.

Smarter Cars, Smarter Homes, & New Standards


Blue Guard Technologies is not just creating a safety feature they are developing a way for us to begin communicating with the products that we depend on.  Many of us are controlling our thermostats from our phones, turning our lights on with our Alexa, or starting our cars through our cell phones.  Blue Guard is taking the next step in Smart Car and Smart Home technology by introducing the element of safety!

Right now, I can control my Nest thermostat from my phone, but it cannot stop my furnace from developing a blockage that fills my home with CO.  I may be able to remotely start my car from inside a restaurant on a cold winter evening; however, that app cannot protect me if the exhaust system in my car is damaged and CO builds up.

Blue Guard is addressing our safety and well being in a new and unique way and making our devices ever smarter.  At the same time, they are opening the door for people to demand safety features as standard features in the technology we use every day.

Working for Change

Blue Guard is currently working with Anthony’s Light Foundation, to develop a pilot program for a local police department that will equip police vehicles with the coCO:  Carbon Monoxide Car Off system.  Anthony’s Light Foundation is run by Vilma Perez, who is working to raise awareness to the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning.