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Sophia’s Law

On May 1, 2018 Sophia’s Law went into effect in the state of Minnesota.  While this law is an awesome step in carbon monoxide safety, the picture of little Sophia shows the immediacy with which more carbon monoxide legislation is needed.

Blue Guard Technologies

Blue Guard Technologies is working to change carbon monoxide safety. The technology they have developed coCO provides a solution for carbon monoxide exposure in cars, and it opens our eyes to the technological possibilities for car and home safety.

New Safety Standards for Portable Generators

For years, safety standards and regulations for portable generators have been discussed and evaluated by the CPSC and PGMA.  Several solutions have been proposed and recent headlines are showing which strategies will be employed.


  1. Joseph Stetter

    The more we have awareness of the CO hazard in our world and the detrimental effect of air quality on human health and the health of our planet, the more lives we will save and the better will be our health. Keep educating!

    • beCOsafe

      Thank you for your encouragement and for your work in CO research!


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