Who We Are

Over the past several years, I have been working in social media for KWJ Engineering and SPEC Sensors, where I have focused on sharing content in carbon monoxide and air pollution awareness.  In that time, I have read a story about a carbon monoxide related tragedy every single day!

I have been fortunate to speak with mothers, fathers, children, and friends who have been affected by carbon monoxide and I found that each simply wanted to tell their story.  At KWJ and SPEC Sensors, we know that many survivors are dedicating their lives to bringing about change in carbon monoxide legistlation and technology.  It is our goal that Be CO Safe will support the carbon monoxide community and be another piece in the puzzle to raising awareness.

Thank you for your support,

Cheryl Stetter

Our Mission


To provide a place where every type of CO sufferer can tell their story with the shared goal of raising awareness.


To create and maintain a database for carbon monoxide foundations and survivors with links to foundation webpages, facebook pages, twitter accounts, or other social sites.


To communicate the positive advancements within the carbon monoxide safety community.  This will include sharing events or activities sponsored by foundations, technological developments within the field of carbon monoxide, and following the legistlative progress of carbon monoxide laws and statutes.